About the project

The little story behind Socicon

Socicon was created to give people an easy way to customize social icons.

Thanks to @bibichette for js code behind the generator.


Socicon is released under SIL Open Font License 1.1 (https://scripts.sil.org/OFL).
You are free to use it on your website or project.

If you use Socicon for any project, please make a backlink to https://socicon.com. It will give us a hand and be highly appreciated.
You can also make a tweet, facebook message, google+, donation...

Commercial use

You can use Socicon on a commercial project (a product or service that you sell, make money out of it). Simply consider making a backlink to socicon.com, on credit page, legal notice or anywhere. You can use this:

Social icons font: <a href="https://www.socicon.com" target="_blank" alt="Free social icons font" title="the social icons font">socicon</a>

If you use Socicon on a commercial project, please consider making a donation to support Socicon.

You can send a message to tell me about your project, so I know the whereabouts of Socicon. I can talk about it in return and maybe make a featuring on the site.

Change log

May 2019 - v3.6.2

  • New icons: remote, NAVER, Metapop, Splice, Threema, Letterboxd, GITTER, TikTok, STAGE32, elementary OS, CD Baby, Windguru, Tinder, SharePoint, MIX, JAMENDO, itch.io, GNOME, FilmFreeway, debian, Google Play Music, SeenThis, Collectorz, Torial, InVision, ArtStation, Ubuntu, Flipboard, VSCO, DLive, Google Hangouts

2018 - v3.6.1

  • New icons: Nextdoor, Origin, CodeRED, Adobe Portfolio, instructables, GitLab, Mail.ru, BookBub, Kobo, Smashwords, Hacker News, hackerone, beatport, napster, SPIP, Wickr, BlackBerry, MyAnimeList, pixiv, GameFor, Traxsource, indie DB, Mod DB, Internet

October 2017 - v3.6

  • Update: deviantART
  • New icons: pandora, microsoft, mobcrush, sketchfab, yt-gaming, fyuse, bitbucket, augment, toneden, niconico, zillow, googlemaps, booking, fundable, upwork, ghost, loomly, trulia, ask, gust, toptal, squarespace, bonanza, doodle, bing, seedrs, freelancer, shopify, googlecalendar, redfin, wix, craigslist, alibaba, zoom, homes, appstore, guru, aliexpress, gotomeeting, fiverr, logmein, openaigym, slack, codepen, angieslist, homeadvisor, unsplash, mastodon, natgeo, qobuz, tidal, realtor, calendly, homify, crunchbase, livemaster, udemy

May 2017 - v3.5.2

  • New icons: Bloglovin, Trello, Gamewisp, Facebook Messenger

April 2017 - v3.5.1

  • New icons: Spreadshirt, Trello, Gamejolt, Tunein

March 2017 - v3.5

  • New icons: HackerRank, npm
  • New cloud service: Amazon S3, better & faster
  • Better maintenance, thanks to icomoon.io

November 2016 - v3.0.5

  • New icons: LiveJournal, Etsy, Google Photos, Zapier, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, WeChat, STRAVA, LINE, lyft, UBER, songkick, viewbug, Google Groups, Blizzard

July 2016 - v3.0.4


April 2016 - v3.0.3

  • New icons: beBee, hitbox, Reverbnation, Formulr

March 2016 - v3.0.2

  • New icons: Viber, Zomato, Quora, Draugiem, Endomodo, Filmweb, Stackexchange, Wykop, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Raidcall, Mumble, Younow, Teamviewer
  • Icons update: Medium

December 2015 - v3.0.1

  • New icons: Medium, Telegram, OpenID, Amplement

November 2015 - v3.0

  • New icons: Google, Yandex, eBay, IMDb, StayFriends, Resident Advisor, ShareThis, bandcamp, iTunes, DEEZER
  • Site: new design, background featuring, filter on icons page
  • Font: cloud based font
  • Note: due to the amount of icons, latest icons do not have latin characters, reset of unicodes

October 2015 - v2.6

  • New icons: Snapchat, Douban, Baidu, Weibo, QQ
  • Updated icons: Dailymotion
  • Removed icon: Chime.in
  • Site: update chart icon page, include unicode, update generator, update JSON, change ads

September 2015 - v2.5

  • New icon: Ravelry
  • Updated icons: Google+, Youtube

August 2015 - v2.4

  • New icons: WhatsApp, Storehouse, icq, Model Mayhem, iStock, AngelList, Periscope
  • Updated icons: Facebook, Google Play
  • Site: download only the font (much lighter) or the full package, include ads

June 2015 - v2.3

  • New icons: Airbnb, Pocket

May 2015 - v2.2

  • Updated icon: Meetup
  • New icons: Amazon, Ello, 8tracks, Mixcloud, Twitch
  • Site: removed showcase section

November 2014 - v2.0

  • New design, new website
  • New showcase section
  • New icons: Patreon, App.net, Mail icon, New Foursquare, Goodreads, Paypal, Houzz, Playstation, Smugsmug, Stackoverflow, Swarm, Triple J, Yammer, New Envato, Odnoklassniki
  • Removed easID and Netcodes icons

February 2014 - Add icons: TripIt, Lanyrd, SlideShare, Buffer, RSS, VKontakte, DISQUS - v1.6

November 2013 - Launch of the Socicon images generator - v1.5

August 2013 - First release of Socicon - v1.0